putting your dreams on paper


The art of landscaping begins with design… and involves evaluating what you have and transforming it into what you want. Much like the art of great fashion or interior design, a successful professional landscape design (no matter how simple or complex) should flatter and serve the architecture it surrounds – either residential or commercial.

Professional Landscape Design

Landscape renovation, planting of high quality trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers and annuals.


Custom flagstones, paver walks, terraces, stairs, patios, retaining walls, large boulder accents & rock gardens. We also do cobblestone driveways and edging.


We design beautiful outdoor spaces with fountains, ponds, streams, and reflecting pools.

turning your dreams into reality


Working with your design, our team of experienced installation specialists arranges, installs and integrates the softscape components (trees, shrubs and other plant materials) into a pleasing whole. If hardscape constructions are included in your design (paved areas, patios, terraces, water features, walls, fences, walkways and other structures), our hardscape craftsmen build these components prior to the planting phase.

Burke Brothers Landscape Group is supplied by high quality plant growers throughout eastern Pennsylvania. We also maintain our own nursery of carefully selected and nurtured specimen trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals for use in our landscape projects.

keeping your dream alive, healthy and beautiful


We understand your landscape is a unique, large, living investment – whether residential or commercial; urban, suburban or rural.

Burke Brothers’ high quality landscape management services ensure your landscape investment is expertly cared-for and nurtured throughout each season.

From general clean-up, pruning and insect/disease treatment to mulching and seasonal color displays, our staff of trained landscape professionals manages your property to keep it looking beautiful and healthy, maintaining its value and continually providing you with the functional/aesthetic enjoyment you envisioned or intended.

With dedication, imagination, creativity, careful planning, consideration of budget and, most importantly, client involvement, our landscape services will help you design, build and manage the landscape style that you want… the landscape style that complements your residential or commercial architecture, while creating the outdoor feeling and uses you would like to achieve.

Pruning & Trimming

Expert pruning and trimming in accordance with horticultural standards​.

Lawn Cutting

Keep your grass healthy and maintained with our lawn cutting services.

Seasonal Color Programs

Add color to your yard with flora that matches the tones of the season.

Seasonal Property Clean-Ups

No matter the season, we will clean up any of its unwanted biproducts.

Edging, Weeding, & Mulching

Clean up the look of your property and leave it looking fresh.

Property Packages

We offer weekly and monthly property maintenance packages.

Commercial & Residential

Snow Removal

Let Us Take Care of the Mess!

We offer fast and reliable snow removal service to keep everyone safe and business running smoothly.