Who we are


Burke Brothers Landscape Group has been a member of the Chestnut Hill community for over 20 years and is committed to supporting local organizations and businesses. We feel it is our responsibility to give back to the people who support us. 

In 2013 our office agreed that as professionals in the green industry we needed to find ways to reduce our environmental impact. After analyzing our business practices we came up with several solutions for improvement.

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We realized that visiting clients and jobsites daily had caused us to rack up a lot of mileage on our vehicles. Since driving from site to site was one task we couldn’t do away with we decided to offset our energy usage by switching to a hybrid vehicle. Our Ford C-Max gets 40 miles per gallon!


After learning of the many environmental dangers honeybees and other pollinators face we decided to become beekeepers ourselves. In 2014 we purchased our first two beehives and worked diligently with a local beekeeper to learn the art of beekeeping. This year we added a third hive and have been doing all of our beekeeping in-house. The bees have fascinated us and stung us, but we love them!


We decided to care for a small flock of backyard chickens. Our office is home to six healthy chickens that help us reduce kitchen waste and control insects. They also provide us with fresh eggs and manure, which is great for composting. In return we give them a nice home and lots of love and attention (and snacks!) from all our employees!

We are also proud to dedicate a portion of our time to philanthropic work. You will find us at various events throughout the year raising funds for the Sara’s Smiles FoundationAll proceeds go toward helping pediatric cancer patients.